EKAFREE: EU-Korea Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics Experts Building Project
 EKAFREE Course Structure

Course Structure and Content

The teaching scheme is divided into the five main modules. The modules are organised over
four study periods (two academic years) and contain a minimum total of 120 ECTS or credits.

  1. A basic Entrance Module over one study period with theoretical formation in basic agricultural, economic, and development theories and methodologies. (30-40 ECTS)
  2. First specialized Advanced Module in the second study period. (10-30 ECTS)
  3. Second specialized Advanced Module in the third study period, linked to the master thesis topic. (10-30 ECTS)
  4. A Case Study module after the basic module, and prior to the final – master thesis – semester. (10 ECTS)
  5. The Master Thesis module in one of the major disciplines of agricultural and environmental economics or policies, written during the final semester. (30 ECTS)

The basic Entrance Module is offered by the lead partner institution in the EU, and by the Korean institutions. This means that all European students start the programme all together at the Ghent University; Korean students will follow the Entrance Module either at the Korea or at the Seoul National University, unless otherwise agreed and approved by the International Management Board (IMB) in individual cases.

Every academic programme will be followed in English.

The courses represent five major disciplines and a general training into the basic competence domains and components of it are commonly agreed and recognised in order to have
common basic standards. The module represents 30 to 40 ECTS or credits.

The specialized Advanced Modules are offered by all partner institutions in Korea and the EU (except by the University of Pisa) according to their specialty disciplines (see here).

EU students are encouraged to follow the first Advanced Module in a EU institution different to Ghent University, to enhance inter-European mobility. The courses represent an advanced study in specific competence domains. The modules represent 10 to 30 ECTS credits each.

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