EKAFREE: EU-Korea Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics Experts Building Project
 EKAFREE Learing Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

The EKAFREE Master Programme aims at providing students with the overall following skills and learning outcomes:

  1. Unique insight in agricultural, food, and resource economics theories.
  2. Comparative and profound knowledge within an international context of EU and Korea approaches on agricultural and resource development policies.
  3. Knowledge on the theoretical aspects of integrated vision of development: functioning of agricultural and resource systems, scientific methodologies, social sciences and policy analysis tools.
  4. An inter-disciplinary education in agricultural, food, and resource economics.
  5. Ability to analyse, evaluate and solve problems related to agricultural andm resource economics through using adequate instruments, methods and tools.
  6. Ability to dialogue (even in different languages) with different actors, using critical reflection skills and communication skills.
  7. Ability to understand and analyse complex interconnections between agricultural, food and resource issues, and to find proper policy resolutions.

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