EKAFREE: EU-Korea Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics Experts Building Project
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The EKAFREE master course programme, is a high level academic programme aimed at training top students into specialists in rural development and agricultural economics

The  EKAFREE master course programme is a 2 year master programme (120 ECTS) jointly organised by 5 European and 3 Korean leading universities in rural development and agricultural economics.

The succesful completion of the programme leads to the awarding of a double degree diploma. The joint degree of International Master of Science in Rural Development will be awarded by five European universities (Ghent University, Humboldt University of Agriculture in Berlin, Agrocampus Ouest, Pisa University, and the Slovak University of Agriculture). The Master of Science in Economics will be awarded to students that attended Korea University and the Master of Science in Agricultural Economics will be awarded to students that attended Seoul National University.

The joint degree diploma is fully based on the ECTS system and accompanied by a Diploma Supplement that adds additional information on evaluation systems, the course curriculum of the students and the ECTS system.


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